Tuesday, 27 April 2010

ᔐᔐ by hook and by crook

last year I took up my crochet hooks 
after rediscovering them in my sewing box:
making crochet corsages from merino wool
with vintage buttons:
giving some away:
*you may have noticed them mentioned here
they look like this ☝
as you can see I've been busy:
these are my bags complete with a silky lining and a brooch:
handy sized for a purse, phone and lippy:
*or camera eh Suzie?*
and little hair clips:
all the rage at Libbie's school:
now I'm making granny cushion covers:
adoring the colours with a myriad of combinations:
all I need now is a Summer fair with a stall:
what have you been making?


  1. Surely Village Green or the Folk Festival would be the perfect place to pitch up with these winners?

  2. Ohhhhhh how lush they all look...a whole shop's worth & is that new decking I spy?
    I have just bought some wool *sighs with the indecision of it all* and I want to make lovely squares to join for a blankie. Can you point me to a learner's link or two? It's going to be my new therapy alongside all the others...it could even be the cure of me

  3. alas, my dear chocolate one, I was at the back of the queue the day God was giving out sewing/knitting/crocheting skills and so I am for ever in awe of your talents.
    Additionally, I am one very happy recipient and will be more than happy to continue to model your creations around the chichi-er parts of the South of France (well the parts round here anyway, not exactly Monte Carlo but hey!)
    Sod the craft fair, you need an upmarket boutique to sell your *exclusive* creations

  4. Hmm Mondo ~ not sure I'd want to be stuck behind a stall at the Green: too much fun to be had that day aheyhey:

    Louloulovely ~ you're always welcome for a free lesson at La Martini: tea and cake provided:
    here's an excellent photo step-by-step from the fabulous Lucy > attic24
    also Jo at Bodkins *my favourite shop* has some excellent pattern books : once you've got your head around the basic stitches and the language of the patterns ~ you'll fly ....
    the granny photo above includes some tester pieces ~ it's a good way to see how the colours will work: I could stitch them together at the end for a rainbow cover!

    bless you Suzie: I'm in awe of your beautiful illustrations and wOo to the
    new cut outs: look here people:

  5. I never knew crochet could be so cool.

  6. They are FAB Dee! My little Sadie would love those hair clips! You would do well selling all that stuff, you are soo talented,gorgeous colour combos! I look foward to meeting up with you soon, my wedding is only two weeks away now! xx

  7. Hey Dee, St. Clements are having a May Day Fair on 31st May in Leigh. I have a stall and I'm sure there is always room for more! Let me know if you're interested. These would sell like hot cupcakes!

    Bron x

  8. thanks Bron ~ I've emailed you


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