Monday 19 April 2010

≣ bookworm

reading at night has a soporific effect on me:
desired when the mind won't switch off:
but not so good when I really want to 

this little pile awaits me at bedtime:
swaps from people I've never met:


  1. Not read any of them....but I've liked previous Allende stuff and Ian McEwan on occasion.

    Bizarrely, reading at night keeps me awake and a girl must have her beauty sleep ( a full 12 hours would be nice)

  2. the elegance of the hedgehog should be on top of that pile:
    just a few pages left of it's eloquent French set/translated covers:
    Murakami next as I feel some adventure:
    his tales are magical and full of Japanese promise:

  3. I am voracious sometimes and at others on a starvation diet.

    It's like binge-reading.


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