Tuesday 12 January 2010

❩) new new just for you

not content with two blogs :
and with a burning desire to bring back
the age old art of recipe swapping :
*see old blog about that here*
I've started a new blog called 
☝ click it and see ↑
pop on over and grab yourself a slice of cake :

go : go : go :


  1. hey, DC can you blog savories too? This girl don't have a sweet tooth, not a 'chocolate girl' meself but jeeez, do I love tomatoes(?) cheese, garlic, walnuts, pastry......

  2. I shall indeed be sharing some veggie delights :
    keep 'em peeled ^_*

  3. could you give me your recipe for banana bread? i used to make it as a kid,wonderd if you made it the same xx


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