Wednesday, 6 January 2010

↪ skipping school

this afternoon I should have started doing something with these ☟

and these ⬇

and these ↴

and these ↓

and thinking about these ⤵

with some talented children in a local school :
but instead⦅because of 'severe weather warnings'⦆
there is no play today ~ only at home :
so I made this ⇙

*I want the children to make some too,
carrying special messages from nature*

I flicked through this ⥥

and smiled at these ⇩

before I sit down to begin making something cosy with this ⇣

and wish you all a good day whatever the weather!


  1. I like your leaf - it is special! It took ages to walk home from school in the snow but it was good fun too.

  2. acorn hats! 2 thumbs up and waggling! I do miss them so, however I don't miss mental english weather.
    Can you send me one of your scrumptious looking cakes in a jiffy bag plz?

  3. mad weather indeed ~ minus4 in my bailiwick with a road like an icerink :
    I'm staying home and never coming out until it's all gone away Brrr ❄
    sorry Suzie ~ cakes all noshed but I am thinking about a bowl of apples on the dining table and how they need to be turned into something more exciting ....
    *I really need to start my cake in the community blog eh?*

  4. Dee i have a brilliant book called felt wee folk, and it so cute! you should use it as you then can make little acorn people..using the acorns as hats!! i havent gotten around to it as im so disorganized ;( I still havent added to my blog i feel useless at the moment xxx

  5. not disorganised lovely ~ just busy with a new sweetpiecute baby girl!
    blogs can wait ~ cuddles can't ^_*

  6. be leaf... that has put the most delightful smile on my face!


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