Thursday, 21 January 2010

☷ not in my head but on my phone

normal service will be resumed when this has less lines :

ironic when I collect the lists of others :


  1. And talking of origami... can you suggest a good book with lots of illustrated examples? I bought little one a box of printed origami sheets but am now finding the couple of examples difficult to follow... and a bit limited in their scope.

  2. Robert Harbin is the god of origami : search for his books on amazon or similar : origami step by step has history as well as all the basic folds/diagrams that you need! there's a plethora on the www ~ even youtube vids :
    I made this> but look at Ray Schamps impressive stream!

  3. but does a list work as well when you do it on the phone, or is it much better to have a physical scrap of paper you can easily lose, hehe!

  4. Thank you... I will go take a look and see if I can extend myself beyond the one cranky fish I did so far... which daughter thought was a frog anyway.


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