Sunday 10 January 2010

『』what lies beneath

another snowbound day :
so I cleared a space in the study and set to stripping the walls :
whoever invented plastic coated wallpaper 
should be made to remove it from every house,
then be slung in a pit with the inventors of
artex and woodchip!

after painstakingly picking off the plastic layer ....
*this takes forever as it only comes off in tiny pieces and
a scraper or soaking won't budge it plus
I ripped a nail which is really painful!*

and steaming off the paper backing :
a pattern appeared on the plaster :

floral designs of a past paper :
a glimpse of a previous life ~ before we came here :
I have a strange notion that buildings give a feeling
of good and bad karma :
have you ever felt that?

think of an old tape cassette :
a magnetic strip that records sound :
even when you tape over it, 
it leaves a trace of what was once before :

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