Saturday 16 January 2010

♦♦ saturdays are made of making

the goddess of motivation smiled on me today :

after stripping one corner of the study last week :
a rummage in the shed today & I found 5 paint tins :
all shades of grey :
so I painted the newly prepared wall in paint number one :
then I emptied our big old school cupboard :
and huffed and puffed and moved it to it's new place, 
in front of the freshly painted wall :
so tomorrow I can start all over again :
strip, wash, fill, paint ....

for tea I decided to make 
Potato and 'green' chapati with Tomato Chutney
as posted by my friend Louise who is having a gorgeous time in India :
she shared her landlady's *Pushpa* recipe with us :
some cooking therapy is just what a wet and dull saturday afternoon needed :

sunny red tomatoes to make me smile :

a little taste of India on a plate :
*and there's enough for lunch tomorrow too!  yUm :


  1. Yum - superlicious! And served up on the perfect plate..

    Would love a copy of that recipe xx

  2. I could do with some of your motivation, chuck some over 'ere, luv :)
    I agree, Lou's chapatis look delish, but a bit beyond my cooking skills, so I shall enjoy them vicariously! x

  3. they were a cinch to make Suzie C, so don't bail out :
    my chutney was a bit watery yesterday but another cook up
    for leftover lunch today and it was dreamy :
    off to post cakie recipe on 'citc' >
    *btw there will be guest savoury features over there in your honour*

  4. I love illustrated recipes! Nice job, I'm almost convinced to make these.

  5. thank you ^_^
    head on over to my other blog Caroline ~ recipes+ photos there :

  6. wow, you made it! I love this for breakfast/snack/anytime is chapati chutney time. I am eating like a horse here, the food is amazing. {*}


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